Classic hobo bag

Classy and so on trend, this hobo bag is easy to match any outfit. And it is easy to make too. You will need a pair of large jeans with wide straight legs.

The pattern can be used to make this hobo shoulder bag in different fabrics and styles.

But I really would like to show you how it’s made with jeans legs. Denim is never out of fashion and denim bags go well with almost any outfit!

Using old jeans for your craft projects helps our Mother Nature in a very big way! This bag is a great DIY sewing project for the green crafters :))

I will also show you how to make an absolutely neat handle, which you can use in other bags too. I know there are some tutorials about how to make a handle like this, and there different ways to do it. And I also know that the way I make it gets the most tidy result and all seams are 100% enclosed. The handle is strong and professional looking. For those who have already been trying sewing this type of bag – yes, there is a trick in the order of sewing parts together.

I’d rate the difficulty level as medium. It’s not too complicated, but you do need some sewing experience.

Size of the finished bag –

Width when flat 17″ (43 cm)
Height when flat from the opening 15″ (38 cm)
Handle drop 12″ (31 cm)
It becomes smaller once filled and draped down, as there is depth added then. I’d call it medium or sligtly larger then medium.

To make this bag you will need –

The size of the jeans should be Large. But due to so many shapes and leg widths, I’d rather give you the following measurements. Those are minimum for the pattern to fit. The larger — the better and easier to work with 🙂 Leg length measuring from bottom hem to the bum pocket — minimum 72cm (28”). Leg width just below the knee — minimum 23cm (9”).

You might wish to have a magnet clasp for this bag, but it is optional.

You will also need some fabric for the lining – two solid pieces of 50×75 cm. If you are buying it from a roll, get 0,5m. But if there is a direction of print on the fabric, pay extra attention, as you might need 0,75m. Not much anyway, and all details will be described in the tutorial.

This printable pattern and step by step instructions with tons of photos can be purchased from:


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21 thoughts on “Classic hobo bag

  1. Do you have a paper copy of the pattern available? My printer is not working. Let me know what you would charge for that.
    Thank you.

        1. Hi! Thank you for your interest in my patterns.
          I don’t make them on paper. Only digital for you to print at home.
          I can though print it on my home printer and ship it to you.
          If you are in USA (I am in Europe) the small package will cost 5 USD, tracked and priority, and it will take 2-3 weeks to arrive.
          Plus the cost of the pattern itself, same as digital – 11 USD.

          One more important thing –
          When the pattern is bought digitally, I provide there two files:
          1 is the patternt to print in 4 pages,
          2 is the tutorial with photos which you don’t have to print, you can just read it on your screen. There are 20 pages full of photos, which, as you can imagine, will be quite bad quality after printed on a normal printer.

          So my suggestion is to print and ship only the 4 pages for the pattern to cut out (or I can outline it for you on a larger paper) and the other 20pages you can download and read on your screen, just as it was designed for.

          So, it’s kind of possible 🙂
          Let me know, Kat

  2. I love your classic hobo bag. Do you sell any of them? I would buy one from you.
    Thank you,

  3. Hie…….I like it so mch…… Will u please provide proper marking and measurement on paper……
    Or a video of cutting…… please I m fully confident I can make it…. so please help a bit

  4. It’s гeally a nice and helpful pіece of info.
    I am һappy that you simply shаred this usеful information with us.
    Please stay uѕ up to date lіke thіs. Thank you f᧐r sharing.

  5. Hi I bought the hobo bag pattern but I am having trouble following the lining bit, I can’t find the extra file on this, can you help thanks

    1. Hello, Julie! Thank you for the message! I have just sent you an email with the neccessary file. Happy sewing!

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  7. I’m in the US and cannot print on A4 paper – only 8 1/2” x 11”. Will your A4 files print all wonky on US 8 1/2” x 11”?

    1. Hi, Melody! Unfortunately I don’t have US Lettern Paper to check. But I dont think it will print wonky, I think it will print either slightly squashed either eat up some at the borders. In any case if you are ok with drawing, you will be able to correct the pattern with the measurements provided. If you decide to risk it, do not hezitate to contact me for any assistance!

      1. Thank you for your reply! I’ll risk it, as I really love this bag’s shape! Heading over to your shop now to purchase the pattern! I’ll let you know how it prints and what we “Yanks” need to do to adjust the pattern from A4 paper to 8 1/2” x 11” paper!

  8. I find your hobo bag interesting. Would like to make it. Please mail the pattern and tutorial. Thank u

  9. Buenas, como puedo obtener el patrón hace mucho tuve uno pero del uso ya no lo tengo y me encantaría hacerme uno ya que tengo muchos vaqueros para reciclar y me da pena tirarlos.

    1. Hello! Thank you for your interest! You can buy the PDF pattern with instructions as stated higher on the page. Have a great day!

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