DIY sewing projects

Denim cuff bracelets

Really cute cuff bracelets with lace. Boho/Hippie/Shabby Chic style. Three different fastening options. Learn how to make them >>>

Makeup bag

Free printable pattern and a step by step tutorial to make a makeup bag. Using this sewing lesson you can make zipper pouches with any fabric or décor, but I would like to share how to incorporate a jean’s pocket.

See how to >>>

Removable seat covers

Refurbish your chair cushion covers with removable and washable option with zipper. Easy free tutorial for beginners. And, yes, you can make it with denim patchwork! >>>

Mini Bag

Cute mini bag, cross-body and with variety of designs and pockets to add. Sewing pattern and tutorial download to make this handy small bag.

More details here >>>

Semi-hard eyeglasses case

Semi-hard eyeglass case DIY

Draw-string glasses case made semi-hard with help of a plastic bottle.

Free tutorial >>>

Oven gloves

A very easy sewing project to make a cool eco gift – denim oven mitts with a star design.

Free pattern and tutorial included >>>

“Denim Hug” Bag

DIY large hobo bag. I called it “Denim Hug” bag because it is slouchy and snugs to your body pretty much like it’s hugging you 🙂

Sewing pattern >>>

Reverse seams tote

No raw seams denim tote bag that does not require lining. Easy sewing project for beginners.

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Patchwork zipper pouches

Easy to make flat zipper pouches. Pencil case or a make up bag free sewing tutorial shows how to make it using denim scraps.

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Hippie Bag

Draw-string shoulder bag in three sizes. Sewing pattern to make a tie-up handbag with a variety of décor ideas.

Let’s see >>>

Super easy wood carrier

This wood carry bag is a very simple sewing project for beginners. Handy and stylish home accessory.

Free tutorial >>>

Zipped hobo bag

Different styles, different sizes – this sewing pattern is versatile. You can make many bags with just one tutorial.

See it >>>

Make up bag using front pocket

The front pocket of a jeans can be so characteristic, but you are not sure what to make with it. Try this zipper make up bag!

Try it >>>

Easy fanny pack

If you are skeptical about sewing zippers into curved lines, this tutorial is for you. Easy to make moon bag, no curved zipers, great size

Check it out >>>

Tote bag with folded sides

DIY tote bag using original pockets and seams from old jeans. Very detailed tutorial >>>

Handy zipper pouch

zipper pouches

This handy pouch makes a great little gift for men and women. Easy sewing for beginners. Let’s make it >>>

Oversized slouchy bag

Huge denim bag is easy to make with four jeans legs. Great sewing project for beginners.

Give it a try >>>

Japanese knot wristlet

Comfy and unusual mini bag to carry the essentials.

The handles are sewn entirely from the inside!

DIY denim wristlet pattern and tutorial>>>

Reusable gift bags

denim gift bags

Recycle old jeans legs into funky and eco-friendly gift bags. Reusable gift packaging is so easy to make. See how>>>

Classy hobo bag made with jeans legs

Simple and stylish hobo bag can be made with just jeans legs. This tutorial will also show how to make the handle the propper way. >>>Make it>>>

Denim scraps into a bag

Isn’t it fun to turn all those scraps laying around into a trendy bag? Easy printable pattern and photo tutorial are here>>>

Denim heart

DIY denim hearts
Make your own denim key chain

Small and simple but with a huge soul. This key ring or a bag charm is an awesome little gift!

Raggy edge denim key chain is really good-looking and makes a cool gift for almost everyone! Isn’t it nice to receive such gift that speaks for itself and can be used every single day! >>>Learn to make it >>>

Old jeans bag with zipper and pockets

Recycle a pair of old jeans into a stylish bag! With this tutorial you will learn to insert a zipper and a strap – the neat way.

Let’s learn>>>

Bow-tie makeup bag

Zipper pouches

I love this shape of zipper pouch because it is easy to make and it keeps it’s boxy shape. And there is a trick to it. Want to find out? >>>

One pair of jeans bag

Transform just one pair of jeans into a comfy slouchy everyday bag. Good sewing project for denim lovers and eco thinkers. >>>Make it>>>

Guitar case

Make your own guitar case in denim style. Use some cool old jeans to make this tottally unique and one of a kind gig bag. May your friends be amazed!

>>>Let’s make it >>>

Washable doorstop

This is not just another owl doorstop! This one has a zipper 🙂 So that you can remove and wash the cover.

Free pattern print>>>

Carry bag for a beach umbrella

Umbrella bag

DIY umbrella cover with a strap is a great easy sewing project to recycle old jeans.

Free tutorial >>>