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Small cross-body bag DIY

Denim mini bags how to make

Denim mini bag is an awesome addition to your wardrobe. Sometimes this is all you need – just to carry phone, keys and wallet. I have a sewing pattern here for you to make a mini bag from old jeans.

Denim mini bag cross body

Surely to make this bag any other fabric can be used. Just choose something rather sturdy or thick. However, old jeans are usually easily obtained from a second hand shop or friends and family. I love denim for it’s cool look and easiness to work with. Check this article about washing old jeans before crafting >>>.

In this sewing tutorial I will describe how to make mini bag using existing jeans front pockets.

Mini bag with jeans pockets

However, you might wish to try to add a fringe, or some lace, or pockets or other décor of your choice.

DIY mini bag sewing tutorial

I will also show you how to make this type of inset zipper. For such a small bag I find this option be the best to allow the top to open as wide as possible. Once you understand this, you can use this method of sewing zipper for your other handmade bags.

Recessed zipper sewing instructions

Difficulty level I’d say – medium. Even though the sewing instructions are very detailed with lots of photos for each step, you would need some sewing experience.


The finished mini bag measures 19cm (7,5″) wide, 23cm (9″) tall and appx 5cm (2″) deep.

Denim mini bag sewing pattern

What you’ll need

For the body – two pieces of strong fabric 26x28cm (10”x11”) for the body and two strips of 24x5cm (9,5”x2”) for the zipper panels, or a pair of jeans medium thickness.

For the lining – two pieces of fabric 26x26cm (10”x10”) plus for pockets, if you decide to have any.

A zipper #3 of 23cm (9″).

A shoulder strap. I use a piece of webbing 1,5m (1,64 yards) and to make it adjustable – a slider and a d-ring or similar. The hardware should match the width of your webbing, for this small bag I prefer 2,5-3cm (1”-1 3/4”) wide webbing. Or you can take a look at how to make bag straps from belts here >>>

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