10 reasons to make stuff using old jeans

DIY denim craft

We all just love denim… There is something about it that keeps up with everybody’s taste and stays in fashion for decades. Jeans, jackets, shorts, shoes, hats, shirts, skirts… Any detail of our look can be made of denim! And bags and backpacks! Oh yeah, denim handbag – bring it on!

Some of clothes and accessories you can actually make yourself! DIY things for your wardrobe or your house, or gifts for your loved ones – what an awesome idea!

Here is 10 reasons WHY:

1. Helping Mother Nature

This image is from Natural Resources Defense Council

Making stuff out of old jeans helps the Nature in a big way. It is well known now that the less you buy – the less is produced and the less natural resources are being used. To produce just cotton for one pair of jeans takes about 1800 gallons of water (this is without dyeing and manufacturing). “The true cost” movie – is a must watch for every one of us! This documentary will change the way you think about the clothes you wear.

2. Less waste

The photo is from futurist.gr

In 2018, 17 million tons of textile waste ended up in landfills, according to data from the Environmental Protection Agency. After manufacturing, the pollution is another side of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Jeans are quite hard to recycle and they are toxic if left to decompose. By not throwing away that pair of jeans you are saving the waste impact to our Planet. If you are not a crafty fingers, at least you can donate the jeans to a charity.

3. Easy accessible

Another good option is carboot sales and flea markets

Secondhand denim is cheap to buy and easy to get. Sometimes it’s even free (if it’s your own outdated pair of jeans) or it comes to your door without any effort (when your friends and family pop in with a few unwanted pairs).

4. Denim is always on trend

This awesome illustration is made by Rosana Laiz

Denim is so fashionable and it is amazing to see that it always had been and it always will be! Since Levi’s jeans were first introduced in 1873 until now, fashions change and society evolves, but women continue to love jeans. There is a great article about the history of jeans, which you might enjoy: www.fashionista.com/2017/03/levis-jeans-womens-denim-history

5. It always looks right

No matter what style you love, somehow denim goes with anything. Greasers, cowboys, hippies, rappers, rockers – all have their own favourite denim style. Boho, casual or street style followers – everybody has their match with denim. So you will never go wrong if you make something using old jeans.

6. Made to last

Denim is durable and will last for years even with a lot of usage. Most jeans are primarily made of cotton. If the jeans are stretchy – it is usually because some spandex added and this is when the denim becomes not so durable. Choose non-stretchy denim to sew with and the new item will last you years!

7. Easy to work with

Denim is easy to work with. Comparing to some other fabrics, denim is really a pleasure to iron, cut and sew. It doesn’t stretch and slip away. Some of you might think it’s tough and hard to sew through. Well, give it a try and you will see that it isn’t so bad. Especially that nowadays denim fabric isn’t so tough any more (as when it was made for miners and cowboys) and most jeans are made with thinner but still strong denim. The only trouble you might come across are bulky places, so keep it in mind when planning your design.

8. Easy to achieve “the look”

If you want that bag you are making to look cool – choose some cool jeans. It is dead easy to achieve great looking results when your are using great looking materials! And keep in mind the style too – ripped and grungy or plain and classy – the jeans must be the same style you want your creation to be. If there are some funky wash effects, rips, cute pockets – try to fit them in your design.

9. Any DIY develops your skills and creativity


Creativity is one of the things that makes our life brighter.

10. Make adorable gifts

And it’s so cool that you can make gifts for your loved ones and decorate your house. The things you can make are eco-friendly, recycled, reusable, unique and always so trendy!

Visit the Tutorials page for simple and lovely ideas what you can make using old jeans.

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