Denim knowledge

Tips, tutorials and other stuff you’d need to know when working with denim and sewing in general.

How to wash and store jeans

Learn how to wash and dry your second-hand jeans. And find out why you should never cut jeans for storage >>>

Side tabs from jeans belt loops

Video about detaching jeans belt loops and a quick guide how to make tabs for your makeup bags and zipper pouches.

Check it out >>>

Easy pocket

Easy but strong pocket tutorial. Strengthened corners of an open pocket is a must in a handbag!

Learn how to stitch it in one go >>>

Reverse patchwork

Reverse patchwork works especially good with denim due to the exposed raggy edges, which are adorable in denim.

Learn how to make it >>>

Fringe décor

How to make your own fringe from different fabrics. How to add a fringe to a handbag. Authentic ideas and free tutorial >>>

Reusing jeans pockets

Jeans pockets are great for decorating a denim project, but sometimes troublesome to reuse. Learn tips and trick to detach and sew on the jeans pockets >>>

10 reasons to use old jeans

I know you are certain of using old jeans to make something awesome, but here some great inspiration for you – 10 reasons WHY to DIY with unwanted jeans >>>

Jeans sofa cushions

Sofa cushion / throw pillow made with old jeans. Easy and fast sewing project. And check out the cool way for the back >>>

How to insert zipper pocket

Metal zippers look so great on a denim bag! They bring more character and convinience. How to add a zipped pocket into almost any denim bag learn here >>>

How to keep the jeans seams

pin it

We love denim items for their unique washed effect on the seams and the pockets. In this lesson I will show you how to get the great look by using the jeans seams.

Let’s learn >>>

Rips and scratches

Scary scratches or fluffy texture… The Chenille technique is a great and unusual way to add some Whaaa to your project. Looks best with black denim and red fabric under.

Let’s try it >>>

Ways to cover imperfections

Sometimes you have only this pair of good quality jeans, but there is a spot or ligher wash right in the middle. never mind, it can lead to a better design!

>>>See how >>>

Denim patchwork made easy

Raw edge patchwork – the fastest and easiest way to join denim scraps to make any size project. Easy enough, but it takes some knowledge>>>

Fun and easy ideas to make a handle strap

There are few good ways to make a handle strap to match your denim bag. Check out these simple ideas with photos and tips >>>

Fitting a magnetic clasp

Some bags require a little bit of security. Magnet fastener is a cheap and easy option.

Fit it yourself >>>

How to choose jeans to work with

Some jeans might be looking very good and fit nice but are not suitable for making stuff. Lets see why>>>

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