Welcome to denim recycling school!

Are you wondering what you can make with a pair of old jeans? Or are you thinking to sew a denim handbag? Or are you looking for some tutorials and lessons about sewing denim? You are at the right place!

zipper pouches denim hobo bag

We all love denim! We love that it is natural, sturdy and always on trend. It is easy to work with and the results are usually amazing. Just need to choose the right jeans and with a bit of knowledge you will make it great! Denim is durable, easy to cut, iron and sew and super fashionable forever.

Plus! Why to buy and sew new fabric when you have all this treasure waiting to be transformed? Let’s be eco-friendly and help the Nature by reusing the old jeans!  

On this website you will find loads of knowledge and inspiration for transforming jeans into super trendy and useful items. Downloadable sewing patterns and detailed photo instructions, many lessons are free. And tons of tips and tricks to support you on your creative journey!

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