Easy fanny pack

Let’s learn how to make this small and comfortable fanny pack. It is also called bum bag, belt bag, moon bag, belly bag. It is a small fabric pouch worn like a belt around the waist or across the body by the latest fashion. It looks quite cute and unusual and is great to carry a few small items and have your hands free.

This version of the bum bag does not require sewing zips in curves, so it’s a quite easy version of a fanny pack. It is not exactly flat either, but the volume is at the bottom, not at top, which makes it different, yet comfy.

Using old jeans for your craft projects helps our Mother Nature in a very big way! This bag is a great DIY sewing project for the green crafters and eco thinkers :))

I’d rate the difficulty level as easy to medium. It’s not too complicated, but you do need some sewing experience.

The tutorial is full of photos and detailed step by step instructions.
How to insert zippers and how to feed the strap – all is there.
There is a BONUS too – how to plan and cut the jeans to keep that cool denim look, pockets and seams.

Size of the finished bag:

Width when flat 15 1/2″ (40 cm)
Height when flat appx 7″ (18 cm)

To make this fanny pack you need:

Some denim or other thick fabric for body (two pieces of 25x45cm)
Some thin fabric for lining
1,5 mtrs of strapping/webbing
1 buckle
1 adjuster/slider
1 top zipper minimum 30cm (better plastic)
Zippers for pockets (optional and depend on your design, 20cm is a good size)

This printable pattern and step by step instructions with tons of photos can be purchased from:


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    1. Hi! At the bottom of the page there are two shops where you can purchase the pattern and instructions. Download and print. Happy sewing!

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