About me

Hi! I am Kat. And I am a denim lover. I am also addicted to crafting and mainly sewing. And books and chocolate…

It’s time for me to share my passion and all my knowledge about old jeans. After 20 years of learning by trial and error, sewing tons of stuff, experimenting with all sorts of supplies and fabrics, selling and receiving amazing feedback, I feel I am ready to share some TOP SECRETS.

I had this passion for denim bags throughout my life. After trying lots of techniques and shapes I’ve found those that are truly groovy and very different to what we used to see. I pay a lot of attention to the original character of each pair of jeans and work accordingly.

Recently, as we all are finding out the horrible environmental impact of the fashion industry, I have decided that for some people it would be better not to buy a new bag, but to make it themselves. More reasons to make stuff from old jeans I have wrote here – 10 reasons.

So I have created this Make It In Denim Recycling School, where I share lots of knowledge about working with old jeans, sewing tips for beginners and authentic patterns to make bags. It takes so much water, chemicals and human resources to make just one pair of jeans, which will end up in a landfill sooner or later! It’s time to look at it in a different way, let’s use and reuse!

I have started in them days when we didn’t have Internet (I call it the biggest library) or a PC or even a mobile phone. So where did I learn all this stuff? By trying. I knew the basics of the sewing machine from my mum and the rest was due to my passion. My tutorials are full of tips and tricks which any beginner would face and which will help you to make denim bags that don’t look “handmade”.
Isn’t it great to make something yourself, something useful and wearable, and make it so that it looks cool? People are asking you “Where did you buy this bag? It’s awesome!” And you (blooming inside) answering “It is one-off and I made it!”

You can contact me by email: makeitindenim@gmail.com

Or find me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. You can also see the bags I make and sell on Etsy.

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