Tiny zipper pouch

Handy zipper pouch for all sorts. As a change purse, key ring, cards wallet or a stash pouch

zipper pouches DIY

This DIY zipper pouch makes a cool little gift for men and women. Not only it is handy, but also eco-friendly, as you can use some old jeans for this, or other fabric scraps.

Handy zipper pouches free tutorial

I use mine as a car key ring keeping my driving license, car docs and petrol card in it, so whenever i go by car – all it’s docs are with me – simply can’t forget it at home!

Or, in exactly the same manner, a make up bag can be sewn. It is simply a larger size and lining can be added. See at the end for more details.

Make up bags with zipper made from old jeans

So here we have an easy sewing project, suitable for beginners. Enjoy the free step by step tutorial how to make DIY zipper pouch.

What you’ll need for DIY zipper pouch

When choosing fabric for this project, look at the thickness — medium weight is the best. Thin fabric will make the pouch floppy and thick denim will make it rather bulky. Do not use stretchy denim – as this will cause stretched corners.

What you'll need to make a zipper pouch

Cut a piece of denim 16x13cm (6 1/4″ x 5″) (the seam allowance is included). Make sure you follow the grain (texture) of the denim.

Find a zipper – minimum of 18cm. The longer – the better, especially if you are a beginner, longer zipper will give you more freedom while sewing.

A piece of string 12cm, it can be a shoelace 😉 You can skip the string and then you will have a coin purse or a stash pouch, but you will not be able to use it as a key ring.

Add décor to your zipper pouch

If you are adding any design onto the pouch, sew the décor onto the pre-cut rectangle first and only then proceed with the pouch. The whole décor must fit no lower than 6cm down from top edge of the rectangle and don’t forget to keep the very top free too for the zipper to be sewn.

Key pouches DIY
You can add some lace 🙂

How to sew the zipper

Place the zipper in the position as on the picture, faces together, align with the top (narrow) edge of the denim. Make sure you have some end hanging on your right, but if your zipper is longer than mine, you can have both ends hanging.

Stitch along.

Add the zipper
The top half of the fabric here will also be the front of your pouch. Remember that if there is some nice wash or other décor you wish to be at the front of the pouch.
Pull off the excess
You can pull some thread out of the denim to have a tidier edge inside of the pouch.

Once stitched, fold the zipper over to the right side, pull away from denim and press flat, creating a neat finish. Top stitch it in a nice straight line at some distance. This will secure the fabric and zipper in place.

top stitch

Zip the zipper up, lay it in front of you and fold the bottom edge over the zipper. Align the sides.

Fold the bottom over

Flip over to have the zipper in front of you and stitch the other half of the zipper in place. Make sure the sides of the pouch are level.

Sew along the zipper
If your zipper is as short as mine (18cm), open it up as you get to the head to be able to finish the stitch. It can be unzipped without getting it all out from the sewing machine – just lift the foot up, keeping the needle in the lowest position.

Repeat the top-stitching as for the first half of the zipper.

You can see now – the hanging end is needed for some space to get that top-stitch started.

You should now have a tube like this.

a tube

How to sew up sides

Turn inside out. Flatten the tube positioning the zipper at the top, but about 2-3mm lower. This is important to avoid bulk. The zipper head should be on your right.

flatten the pouch

Stitch up the left side, leaving 1cm seam allowance. Cut the zipper excess off.

Cut off excess
Sew two-three times, to strengthen it all, especially the zipper area.

For the right side, unzip the zipper slightly. Fold the string in half.

Insert the string

Place the string into the pouch, aiming to have it right at the top of the fold.

Insert the string

Pin or hold in place and stitch the same as the other side.

Sew up the side
Go over 2-4 times, especially where the zipper and the string are.
Cut off the excess
Cut excess off.
Zigzag stitch
Zigzag stitch or overlock the edges. If those metal stoppers on the zipper are a bother, you can carefully unfold the metal teeth and remove them prior to stitching.

Turn out to the right side. Poke the sides and the corners out carefully with a screwdriver or something like this.

Iron the zipper pouch

You will notice that the pouch is not keeping it’s flat shape. All you need to do is to iron it! Place a thin cloth over the pouch to iron to avoid streaks and zipper melting.

Handy key pouch free tutorial

Done! I hope that was easy enough and you are now excited to make many more, adding different designs 😉

easiest coin purse DIY
Or you can make those pouches without a loop – then it will not be a key chain, but a coin purse.
Easiest coin purses to make
Or try joining different fabrics and using some scraps! To learn about side-tabs read here >>>
Add character use old jeans
Unfold the jeans bottom hem to add the character

Using the same method, you can make all sorts of flat pouches. Makeup bags, pencil cases, etc. Full tutorial with options for sizes, linings and décor can be purchased here >>>.

A pencil case can be made in the same way. The size of the rectangle is 21x17cm (8 1/4″ x 6 3/4″). Slight variation of this measurements is ok. The zipper must go to the longer side!

Patchwork pencil cases free tutorial
Learn more about pencil cases here >>> and about this crazy patchwork here >>>

You can make a larger pouch for make up. The denim rectangle will be appx 19x25cm (7,5″x10″) and the zipper is attached to the shorter side:

makeup bags from old jeans
Try this idea too. It is made in a very similar way >>>

Have you tried to make a DIY zipper pouch? Share it with me and I will be happy to add it to the Student’s gallery here >>>

More recycling old jeans projects are here >>>

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  1. Da hast Du eine tolle Tasche genäht. Ich würde sie für die immer noch benötigten Masken verwenden. Mit Karabiner dran überall einsetzbar.
    Vielen Dank für diese ausführliche Anleitung.
    LG Ute

    1. Thank you for the comment! I am very happy that you have found it useful 🙂 Happy sewing! Kat

  2. Thank you for sharing. Great project for my students to do during their textiles craft lessons.
    Easy instructions for them to follow

    1. Hi! I am happy if this will be useful! Send me some pics when your class is done 🙂 I might put it into Student’s Gallery to show the world!

  3. I’m anxious to try making some little bags and pencil bags. I like that the zipper is on the side, rather than the top. Your instructions are so easy to follow, I don’t think I’ll have any problem! Thank you for giving us so many ideas. So creative you are!! 😉

  4. My Dad passed away. He always had a seam sewn down the front of his Levi’s as a crease. I kept a pair and have been searching for the right project in order to give each of my siblings and the grandchildren something to remember him by. This is it! Thank you so much!

  5. I absolutely love this idea. Repurposed jeans is always so special. Thank you for sharing.

  6. love these..thanks for sharing the instructions and pictures..Will give them a go soon.thank you.

  7. una súper idea para hacer con mis alumnos en clases de costura. !Muchísimas gracias por las explicaciones paso a paso, facilita nuestro trabajo enormemente!!!

  8. I finally understand how to make a zipper bag! Thank you for your very clear instructions. I can’t wait to use my stash of jeans for small and larger bags. 😊

  9. Hallo, auch ich finde die Idee toll. Ich habe schon einiges aus Jeans genäht. Dieses Täschchen finde ich sehr schön, praktisch und für viele Dinge nutzbar.
    Dankeschön 😉, ich bleibe neugierig.

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