Boxy pouches

DIY bow-tie shaped zipper pouches and make-up bags

This type of zipper pouch is rare and fun to make! It actually feels like magic when you are done and it’s time to turn it to the right side!

Boxy make up bag DIY

I call it “bow-tie” pouch due to it’s special look, and due to the way it’s made it holds it’s shape nicely.

Boxy pouches DIY

 I have prepared three lessons for you, in which you learn to make a “bow-tie” pouch. Each lesson shows a different size and a different way to make the lining.

The first and the easiest lesson (pencil case) is basic, has no lining and suitable for beginners.

DIY pencil case

The other two lessons are describing make-up bags in two sizes and made with lining (two different ways) and are a bit more tricky, but nothing crazy.

Make-up bags made with old jeans

You will also learn different ways of inserting a zipper and using jeans original parts. I also share some extra tips along the way, concerning sewing and working with jeans.

So, after you have tried or understood them all, you will be able to make many more. In different sizes and in different designs. The pouch is cute, unusual and will make a very useful handmade gift.

Sewing tutorial for zipped pouches with lining

Don’t forget that using recycled materials for your crafting helps Mother Nature in a very big way!

So gather some old jeans and let’s get creating!

Sewing tutorials
The patterns are fun to work with!

This tutorial includes four PDF files:

One file with introduction, patterns to print and instructions for printing.

Three files with the three lessons for the pouches shown. Those are step by step instructions with lots of photos (over 80), where I explain how to make each of the three pouches. So, you will learn –

  • Three different outer designs using old jeans
  • Three different lining options (the easiest one has no lining, but made tidy inside) plus it includes two different ways to insert a zipper
  • Four different sizes.

I am describing the process very detailed. I am trying to make things clear for beginners even with no experience at all.

Buy this pattern:


zipper pouches for earphones, lip balm, doggy bags DIY

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