How to fit a magnetic clasp

If you are not familiar with incerting zippers, the magnetic clasp could be the right thing for your bag project. The magnetic closure is easy to fit and cheap to buy.

Let’s see how to install the magnet clasp for your denim bag.

In addition to what comes in the set of the clasps, prepare two circles of scrap denim (or other strong fabric). Cut two slits in them for the clasps legs. Using those as strengthening will extend the life of the lining fabric.

If you are planning to fit a magnet snap into your bag, get ready very early!

Once you have precut the lining pieces you will know exactly where the clasp will be placed.

Cut two 3×3 cm squares out of iron-on interfacing and iron them on in the middle at the top of the lining (on the wrong side).

If you don’t have interfacing on hand, don’t worry, it’s only for extending the life of the lining.

By folding the top of the bag in half and joining the strap, find and mark the exact middle.

Measute 2cm (or depending on you progect) from top and mark two slots with the help of the disc.
Cut two small slits (try to make them very small) at the marked places. Cut through the interfacing.
Push the legs through the rips from the right side.
Build up a sandwitch like this.
Now open the legs flat.
On the right side it will look like this.
Repeat for the second piece.

I am using the magnet closure for the following bags:

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