Old jeans into a zipped bag with pockets

This bag is very stylish in the way how it keeps all the character of the original jeans. It has a zipper too to keep all your belongings safe!

And it takes only one pair of jeans to make! How cool is that?

Some jeans are so great-looking (but don’t fit for instance), then it’s really fun to turn them into a bag, something that you can still use and enjoy! This is an awesome eco-friendly jeans recycling project!

The pattern is providing two sizes – to make a small or a large bag. The pages can be printed on A4 paper and joined per instructions.

The instructions are full of photos and fun to follow. The difficulty level I’d say medium, as you do need some sewing experience, but nothing crazy. You also will need a rather strong sewing machine for this project, some places will be tough.

You will also learn this awesome method of inserting a strap into a bag.

Learn to sew the handles in!

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